About Me

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So who is Amanda Griffiths?

There is more to real estate than selling houses – and I am sure you can tell the difference between those agents or salespeople who call selling real estate a 'job' and those that live to provide solutions and direction for the people they are helping. Really it is a passion and a lifestyle, and to live the lifestyle you need to be passionate about what you do.

My partner and I started Smart Choice Real Estate in a quiet market, and have built it up to a successful solid business with returning clientele. There is only one way to go when you start at the start, and the structure was set up to thrive in any market and the results and growth speak for themselves. With personable attitudes and creative 'no holds barred' marketing ideas Smart Choice Real Estate stands out from their competitors in the marketplace.

What drives me? The answer is simple, it is about the community we care for and the friends we have made. I can honestly say that some of our customers are now life-long friends.

I also believe that the real estate industry needs real people who are down to earth, true and honest to themselves and their clients and customers. Again, our repeat business and the friendships we have formed are testimony to this.

We are constantly approached to provide service to other markets further afield, and to accommodate the different demands we have developed a similar formula with Kiwi Dream Realty. This company is dynamic and growing fast. It has a simple philosophy, based on the values and proven success of Smart Choice, and that is to help people realise their real estate dream – no matter what that may be. It could range from a lifestyle block, the good old quarter acre back yard, a bach at the beach, an inner city apartment, a remote shack in the highlands or anything in between. In this beautiful country New Zealand, we have the freedom to make kiwi dreams come true.

Some people call me a workaholic, but to me the challenge of growing the businesses and achieving excellence is why I am dedicated to what I do. The moment the enjoyment disappears is the time I will pass the reigns on, but until then I will keep striving to help as many people as I can buy and sell property to progress to the next stage in their life.